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This tutorial will (hopefully :) teach you how to model and render a cube .. or better yet, a die.

Dice reference.jpg

The tutorial will cover the modelling part, the usage of materials and finally the render part of a simple scene with the die. I'll try to always show several ways of doing the basic tasks. I also try to enhance each part with a section for more advanced steps that are suggestions how to make the end result even better.

I got inspired to make this tutorial after reading the tutorial mentioned here (To those learning 3D), Completely Lost in Blender, the 'original' die tutorial (that was really crude geometry-wise) and the new features such as "Scale individual faces" and "Transmissivity".

If you want to just do one step of the tutorial, that may be located anywhere in the middle of it you can do this quite easily. I've uploaded several .blend files that have all the data (geometry, material, etc..) from the previous steps in them. Just download the one that is just before the step you want to try and start from there.

There is also a thread in the blenderartist forum discussing this tutorial. Feel free to comment there as well.

If you know a way to do one of the steps below in an easier, better or even more complicated way, please tell me so on the talk page. The same applies if you know of any keyboard shortcuts I may have missed or not yet added to the tutorial.


Blender 2.42+

This tutorial was written with people that are completely new to Blender in mind, so they/you can download it (Blender) and start right away. You need Blender in Version 2.42 or higher.

I can still recommend to have at least read the QuickStart guide though, since it provides an excellent overview for new Blender users. Another good read for beginners is the Blender Hotkey Reference (pdf), the Hotkey Map and the wikibook entry for all Blender hotkeys.

Additionally I'll link to recommended pages/documentations throughout the tutorial wherever it's possible and fits in. Some of these pages may not be written for new users, but I'll try to limit the number of them to a minimum.

Two dice

  1. Modelling the geometry
  2. Assigning materials
  3. Render the die