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Curve Modifier

Mode: Object mode

Panel: Modifiers (Editing context, F9)


The Curve modifier functions just like its predecessor with the added exception that there is no need for a parent/child relationship between the curve and the object being deformed, and that the effect can be applied to all object types in realtime.


Curve modifier panel.
The name of the curve object that will affect the deformed object.
A vertex group name within the deformed object. The modifier will only affect vertices assigned to this group.
X, Y, Z, -X, -Y, -Z
This is the axis that the curve deforms along.


Curve modifier example.

This example shows a mesh, the film base, that is deformed by a Curve modifier. The curve is the single black line running through the wheels. Animating the film going through the wheels is just a matter of dragging the film mesh along the curve axis.