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Awesome that you are taking this on! Fantastic proposal. I like how you address the multi-user-on-the-same-computer, especially with like temp and quit. Some questions, I did not want to edit the page with them, but if you could clarify a bit:

where do these go:

  • User-developed/downloaded scripts and macros
  • user-customized keymaps and themes
  • list of most recent files, visited places/locations
  • proxy images if a custom dir is not specified
  • particle and cloth and fluid cache and bakes (in the blend folder?)
  • For developers, after they compile their SVN and install...their Blender will be in something like ~/blender-svn/install - but how does that affect the "stable" 2.52 release they installed? will the install step overwrite the "stable" release? or should they somehow install SVN as like a 2.53 (which I think makes more sense) so that the svn install does not overwrite 2.52 but still be "side-by-side"

My only concern about splitting out the temp is having tons of large blend files scattered on the hard drive per project. An advantage to having just temp stuff in the temp folder is that you had one easy place to go to free up disk space. If there was a way to keep a list, or pointers/shortcuts to, the temp files so they could be rapidly deleted across multiple projects... --Roger/PapaSmurf 13:27, 11 May 2010 (UTC)