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Summary of GSoC Wishlist thread

Blenderartists wishlist thread:


  • Editing/customization of interface via GUI - buttons, panels, tabs *****
  • Improve viewport speed ******
    • Direct 3D under Windows would be highly desirable, considering AMD and NVidia's crippling OpenGL performance on consumer graphics under Windows.
  • Improve viewport shading
    • post-process filters (SSAO, cavity masks, motion blur, depth of field, etc)
    • real-time soft shadows
    • Image Based Lighting
    • Color Management
    • Viewport HDR and exposure/tonemapping adjustment for linear color space workflows
  • Improve outliner *****
    • drag and drop
    • click drag selection of multiple enable/disable of visibilty, etc*
    • folders for organizing
    • add a layer view *****
  • Improve layer manager *****
    • user defined layer names and colours *****
    • more than 20 layers (unlimted) *****
    • editable via outliner *****
    • group layers (and subgroups) *****
  • Level of detail in viewport, so distant objects are taking up less rendering time
  • Select coordinate system (ie 'y is up')
  • grease pencil - 'pen' mode and 'shape' mode
  • custom properties - set type (int, float, etc.) via gui
  • constant 'normal length' so they are independent of zoom
  • a 'sectioning plane' for archviz work (like camera clipping plane)
  • Save images when blend saved *****
  • Ask if you want to save when clicking x to exit blend ****
  • units - able to use 'just inches' etc. instead of 'feet and inches'
  • Viewport improvements
    • preselection higlighting, gradient backgrounds, more types of object display, partially transparent wireframe
    • user definable wireframe color *****
    • viewport rotation locking
  • Context sensitive properties editor (ie so that the same property can be changed on multiple objects) *****
  • Horizontal panels
  • Clean up NKey panel
  • ability to lock panels from scrolling
  • SMPTE timecode view in 3d window
  • Improve help - link to more extensive wiki help/videos in mouse over
  • tear away panels
  • stero viewing in 3d viewport
  • make ui usable for tablets
    • a. This could bring in radial menus
    • b. Possible interaction with the 3d widget in the lower left corner to go to orthographic views
    • c. Long Menus are a pain to navigate with a tablet
    • d. When your mouse cursor drifts outside popup window (UV Editor->New Image) you lose the window...this is a pain for tablet users who have to put down the pen to type.
    • e. Context Sensitive Menus? (Right Click on a Vert and get the vert menu, edge=edge menu, etc etc etc)
  • better keybindings editing *****

BMesh Modeling

  • Inset, Bevel, Bridge *****
  • Improve selection tools
  • knife tool as slice plane when started outside of mesh (not needed: knife can do this already)
  • Precision/CAD tools
    • input length and direction to create a line
    • create a line by inputting two coordinates
    • cad snapping - middle edge, perpendicular, polar, ortho, parallel, intersection (all of them combinable) *****
    • trim, extend, mirror by selection
    • cad dimensioning tools
    • separate mode for CAD editing (for less future bugs possibly)
  • Vertex normal editing
  • Option for auto uving of mesh primitives *****
  • edit multiple objects at same time without joining them
  • add custom objects as primitives
  • doo-sabin subdivision
  • direct manipulation of object center location, including snapping etc
  • New pivot center's type: Island Origins. Image [[1]]; Describing .blend File: Media:Ideas-island-origins.blend‎


  • Nodify modifier stack*
  • add 'skin' modifier to trunk*
  • underskin volume modifier, a kind of mix between shrinkwrap and warp modifiers*
  • fix shrinkwrap projection artifacts*
  • influence curve modifier like warp modifier
  • operator modifier (for some operations/tools such as warp, shrink, flattern, etc.)
  • Get Multires working on edit mode

Sculpt Modeling

  • dynamic retopology *****
  • finish gsoc stuff *****
  • smooth strokes without jagged parts but keeping sharp enough edges. (problem: picture 1, example of good fix: picture 2)
  • Automatic thin->thick->thin behaviour for all brushes. example: video

NURBS Modeling

  • merge gsoc project *****
  • more tools
  • lossless nurbs editing (modifiers, etc. output a nurbs surface)


  • Finish the 'quad dominant remeshing'
  • Merge Avocado Bmesh tools *****
  • Fix the 'occlusion' problem so that the base mesh doesn't occlude the retopo *****

UV Unwrapping

  • multiple objects at same time
  • better support for texture atlases
  • maintain symmetry/scale when unwrapping *****
  • uv map modifier - project primitive cages
  • manipulator for uv editor
  • merge gsoc uv unwrap code


  • bake to vertex color
  • bake caustic map*
  • cage for controlling baking/projection cages *****
  • cavity baking*
  • custom shaders
  • bake using cycles*
  • higher polycounts for non multires baking
  • faster performance
  • ui improvement "Set object groups and target textures, press a button, get all passes you want already saved to disk."
  • Antialiasing for all baking passes*
  • GPU acceleration

Paint Texturing

  • finish the gsoc work *****
  • make the sculpt brushes (valleys, peaks) available in paint
  • using a shader as a masking tool
  • svg textures
  • texture layers (ie as in gimp) *****
  • support for more formats (PSD, oiio) *****
  • GEGL/gimp integration


ability to render rigs

Skin Weighting


  • Nodify value drivers system - Core Only
  • muscle system *****
  • pose space deformation with multiple joint influences
  • tension-based deformation as in the open-source Maya plugin Stretchmesh by Kickstand
  • robust collision deformation, as in Stretchmesh (Dynamic paint gives some of this ability, but not as many options.)
  • direct manipulation deformation
  • MIDI support*
  • Record character animation from game engine (ie puppeting)*
  • footslide fixer
  • edit multiple object properties at once *****
  • fix insertion of keyframes between existing ones so that the f-curve is not "kinked." (This longstanding annoyance has been deemed not to be a "bug", so it is appropriate as a feature request- See this bug tracker entry.)
  • proper quaternion interpolation for rotations- Euler XYZ keyframe input, and XYZ F-curves (no bezier handles), Quaterion interpolation behind the scenes. Controls should include Tension, Continuity, Bias and "Ease In, Ease Out" as in other programs. Current system (independent bezier curves for WXYZ quaternion values) requires excessive keyframing and permits non-normalized quaternion inputs, resulting in extreme unpredictability.*


  • Support for IES profiles*


  • general
    • render to vector format (SVG, PDF)
    • easily add arbitrary property to stamp
    • more passes - position pass, auto object pass, deep image pass, custom passes
  • cycles
    • 3D rendering
    • allow cycles to do biased rendering *****
    • performance improvements ******
      • multithread BVH
    • motion blur*****
    • fur/hair ******
    • SSS *****
    • per particle color*
    • HDR textures
    • volumetric rendering*
    • lens flair
    • NPR/toon/hatching shaders*
    • fish eye camera
    • render only selected screen area or object
    • time cutoff per frame (ie 5 minutes)*
    • choose active camera for each renderlayer node
    • caching more things
      • ie don't reload textures per frame
      • bvh caching
      • reuse bvh for different cameras on same scene*
    • autoconvert from BI materials to cycles materials*
    • motion blur for all simulated things (cloth, softbody, particles, fluids) - generally it can be done with Compositor using BI render (even without raytracing)
    • hdr textures as area lights*
    • adaptive tesselation (far from Camera - less faces)
    • more pixel filter types (mitchel, lancsoz and etc.)
  • BI
    • performance
    • bring back features (selected area render, micropoly?)
  • Freestyle
    • integrate to head ******
    • edge intersection and nodes for compositor


  • 3D compositing
  • openfx plugin support *****
  • better integration with VSE *****
  • match grain for integrating with live video
  • allow mixing of different footage with different framerates, resolutions, etc.
  • a 'comments node'
  • grease pencil for node editor
  • deep image compositing
  • ability to correct markers after a track to improve the quality of the track
  • "Such as if I had tracked a shot with 2d markers placed on the floor of an image (filmed in a house) and the result was those markers at different heights; I could go in the 3d view and adjust those markers correctly to the same height and re-track to correct the result."
  • Use the clip editor for all clip visualizations (from VSE, nodes, etc)

Video Sequencer

Motion Tracking

  • 3D tracking*
  • Automated/statistical tracking*
  • Automated extraction of camera parameters*
  • activate/deactivate tracks that have entered/exited frame
  • statistical evaluation of tracks
  • presets for 'point and shoot' cameras
  • reconstruct object/scene from camera tracking data

Fluid Simulation

Smoke Simulation

  • Fix 'jagged edges'*
  • smoke textured based on 'time alive'*
  • any geometry as smoke source (object face, volume)
  • fuel for smoke sim
  • interaction with other simulation systems*
  • animatable obstacles*
  • GPU acceleration
  • air/gas temperature cross-maps for domain (by two control VertGroups of a domain probably)

Hard Physics Simulation

  • Finish aligorith gsoc ******
  • integrate phymec fracture code ******
  • interaction with other simulation systems*
  • node type connections between physic attributes to speed-boost calculations of physical effects (node schemes for physical interactions to tell the program how exactly to interact and what to exclude/include in calculations)
  • GPU acceleration for baking of physics

Soft Body Simulation

  • interaction with other simulation systems*
  • GPU acceleration

Cloth Simulation

Particle Simulation

  • Bring back 'reactor particles' from 2.49 *****
  • particle properties adjustable based on time*
  • per particle editing
  • interaction with other simulation systems*
  • join to Phonybone to complete Node based Particle Systems and Paged Particles (after DepsGraph's upgrade?)
  • GPU acceleration


  • improve dynamics/collision*
  • make styling easier*
  • interaction with other simulation systems*


  • nodified scripting *****
  • word completion/dictionary*
  • python access to everything (areas, panels, nodes, vse) ******
  • automated testing framework


  • Better Integration with industry standards *****
    • Alembic *****
    • FBX - true 'y up' support ***
    • Collada *****
    • OIIO ******
    • partio
    • PTex *****
      • On the import side, to be useful it requires integrating Ptex into the renderer(s) -nicholasbishop 22:01, 2 March 2012 (CET)
    • IGES/Step ****
    • opencolorio
    • openexr
    • support for xml formats used by video editors
    • respect normals for .obj from Nurbs
    • support Nurbs Surfaces for .obj

Asset Management

  • General improvements in asset management *****
  • Better linking/appending
  • 'GoZ' like functionality for Maya/3DSMax/XSI/ZBrush?
  • Presets *****
    • material
    • mesh - common base mesh - people, animals, etc
    • texture
    • matcaps
    • simulations (smoke, fluids, etc.)
    • game engine 2d filters
    • hair, particles, logic bricks


  • Easy sharing of presets and assets not stored inside a blend file
  • (note including, themes, preferences, keymaps etc.) *****


  • Atmosphere stuff*****
    • sky texture as emitter, vary sun size
    • parametric clouds
    • mis/haze fallof colour and blur
  • Crowd simulation *****
  • Add a 'heightfield'/terrain primitive
  • Sound - set reflective/absorptive properties for objects
  • Procedural modeling
  • Bring back OOPS
  • HLSL shade support
  • time input for procedural textures (4th dimension) (BI and Cycles)

Game Engine

  • improve performance *****
  • install on portable devices *****
  • install to web *****
  • nodify logic *****

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