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2.6x release cycle

Blender 2.63 "BCon" schedule:

  • BCon1: 15 February (define targets, get branches reviewed & ready)
  • BCon2: 04 March (add branches to svn)
  • BCon3: 18 March (testing and fixing period)
  • BCon4: 01 April (make release candidate, fixing only)
  • BCon5: 08 April (svn frozen, release a few days after)

More about the development process

Likely 2.63 targets

  • BMesh
  • Partial visibility (Sculpt)

Branch & Patch migration list

2.5 refactor

Initiated in 2007 and taking off in 2009, the Blender developers worked on upgrading the internal code for handling of events and tools. In practice it meant that the entire UI core was rewritten and cleaned up.

Known todos

Issues for (new) developers to work on are collected in wiki. It's known todo items, features or fixes that already have been approved to be worked on:

Admins and Module Owners

List of people working on Blender

Projects in Branches

This is an incomplete list of projects currently under development, see also the branches in svn.

Game Engine

There is a separate page for Game Engine Projects.

Summer of Code

More info about Google Summer of Code projects and the 2011 edition. Some branches have been merged already, while others or are in the process of being merged.

Older Projects

There are separate pages for Finished projects and Inactive Projects.