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Armature Panels Overview

Mode: Object mode, Edit mode and Pose mode

Panel: All in Editing context (F9)

Let’s first have a general grasp of the various panels gathering the armature settings, all found in the Editing context of the Buttons window:

The Link and Materials panel for armatures in Pose mode.

Links and Materials panel (all modes)

Here you find the usual object controls, allowing you to rename it, or to change the Armature datablock it uses…
It also has some extra options in Pose mode, dedicated to the posing process.

The Armature panel.

Armature panel (all modes)

Here you find the global armature settings, control how it is shown, its general behavior…

The Visualizations panel (Pose mode).

Visualizations panel (Pose mode)

Here you find some extra visualization options, specific to the Pose mode.

The Armature Bones panel in Edit mode.

Armature Bones panel (Edit and Pose modes)

This panel shows one “sub-panel” for each selected bone, with bone-specific settings (different for each mode). Here you can rename a bone, create/manage chains of bones, etc…

The Constraints panel (Pose mode).

Constraints panel (Pose mode)

This is exactly the same panel as the one found in the Object context and sub-context. But note that object-level constraints work on a different level then in pose-level. Here, this panel allows you to control the constraints on the current active bone, see this page.