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Download the file from the “Downloads” section of the Blender Website, where:

  • 2.## is the Blender version.
  • 10.3 is the minimum OSX version.
  • py2.# is the python version, which should be 2.3 for most users.
  • ARCH is either powerpc or i386 (Intel), depending on which type of processor your Mac has.

Python 2.3 is included with the installation. If you wish to use the latest version of Python, please refer to the Python page of this chapter.

Extract the download by double-clicking the file. This will open a directory with several files.

Since Blender uses OpenGL to render the user interface, and Mac OSX does the same for the entire Desktop, you will need to verify that you have sufficient VRAM in your system. Blender will not run with less than 8MB of VRAM. With up to 16MB VRAM, you will need to set your display to “1000s of colors” (System Preferences » Displays).

You now can use Blender by double clicking the Blender icon, or drag the Blender icon to the Dock to add its icon there. Blender starts by default in a small window. Hints and tips about the OSX version can be found in the file OSX tips.rtf in the installation directory. If Blender doesn’t launch, make sure that you downloaded the correct version. Oftentimes, newcomers to Blender will accidentally download the Python 2.5 version – try the Python 2.3 version if Blender doesn’t seem to launch.