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Game Engine Overview

Blender has its own built in Game Engine that allows you to create interactive 3D applications. The Blender Game Engine (BGE) is a powerful high-level programming tool. Its main focus is Game Development, but can be used to create any interactive 3d software, such as interactive 3d architectural tours or educational physics research.

Using the Game Engine

The core of the BGE’s structure are Logic Bricks. The goal of Logic Bricks is to offer an easy to use visual interface for designing interactive applications without any programming language knowledge. There are three types of Logic Bricks, Sensors, Controllers and Actuators. Each one is better detailed here:

If you prefer to write games using Python, the game engine also has its own Python API, separate from the rest of Blender, which you can use to write scripts to control your game. This is done by creating a Python Controller and linking it to a python script.