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  1. FAQ Help - You can find information about how to use this FAQ here.
  2. Troubleshooting - If Blender doesn't start or you have some other technical problem, check out this FAQ.
  3. Basic Information - If you are new to Blender, you should read this FAQ.
  4. Documentation - You can find information about Blender documentation here.
  5. Modelling - You can find information related to different kind of modelling techniques here.
    1. Curves - You can find information about modeling with curves here. Contains Text as well.
    2. Mesh - Subsurfaces, edge loops and things like that.
    3. Metaballs - Not meatballs!
  6. Materials And Textures - You can find answers to your material and texture related questions here.
  7. Lighting - Find answers to lighting related questions here.
  8. Compositing - If you don't know what compositing means, you should check this FAQ.
  9. Animation - Find information about rigs, path animation and things like that here.
  10. Rendering - See this FAQ to find answers to your rendering problems.
  11. Special Effects - Find answers related to physics engine and various other tools related to creating special effects.
  12. Python - Sssshhh. No snakes here. You can find information related to the Python scripting language and how to use it to enhance your experience with Blender.
  13. Video Editing - If you use Blender to edit your videos, check this FAQ out.
  14. Blender Versions - Where has my subsurf button gone? What's that new button over there? Find answers related to migration to new Blender versions.
    1. Blender 2.4x - You can find common questions related to 2.4x versions here.
  15. Game_Engine- You can find common questions related to Game Engine here.