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Verse is a 'new' protocol in Blender which allow users to work on the same project simultaneously. This project still needs more work before it will (Jan. 2007) be 'bugless', but because of its importance, I decided to install the Verse CVS version of Blender & give it a try...

  • What can I say about Verse Blender?

Well, thank you Eskil, Emil, Jiri & jesterKing (and all others who working on this project) for this is a marvelous Blender extension!! I hope that Blender with Verse will be in all schools around the globe soon!

Verse Chess in progress...

How To

  • How to compile and use Verse Blender & Verse server?
Read Blender Compiling part of this book and Documentation.
  • How to connect local server to master server @
Start verse server with the shell command:
verse -ms:ip="" -ms:de="name of my verse server"


Note: Blender must be compiled with Verse for this file to work. Example file is saved with Verse Blender 2.43.

--Igor 12:50, 17 January 2007 (CET)


Still digging for more about this topic...