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Game Engine Developer Overview


This is the place for documentation and developer discussion about the development of the Blender Game Engine. This site is primarily for projects that are actually worked on (implementationally) and for general information about the development of the Game Engine. You can find a visual overview of the BGE here.

Road Map

todo: describe new graphics features like support for blender materials, OpenGL GLSL shaders, Bullet rigidbody dynamics, future Vehicle support, character control, Sound, networking etc.


See the detailed ToDo list here.


Branches, current, finished, and defunct game engine development projects can be found here.


Visual Overview


Old Documentation

User Documentation and Tutorials

WIki Intro to the Game Engine

VideoTexture explanation and usage

Original game engine design documents from 2000

These are pretty old and out-dated at this point, but they can still provide some insight into some initial design decisions (e.g., the ketsji/SCA split).

Ketsji Game Engine Framework

Ketsji Index