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This is the place for documentation and developer discussion about the development of the Blender Game Engine. This site is primarily for projects that are actually worked on (implementationally) and for general information about the development of the Game Engine. You can find a visual overview of the BGE here.

Current Todo

A quick todo list of items that need to be tackled in the BGE before Blender 2.6.

  • Add back TexFace copy options (make RMB Copy to Selected?) - currently available as addon
  • Fix OS X support for the Blenderplayer
  • Make the Blenderplayer set PYTHONHOME like Blender does.
  • Bring back the Save as Runtime option
  • Bring back Make Screenshot
  • Make BGE run as a modal operator
  • Logic Editor fixes:
  • ShapeKeys Animation working?
  • Decide on how the animation actuator should be.

Current Projects

Blender Game Engine Feature Requests

Feature requests.

GameKit based on Ogre, Irrlicht, Bullet, bParse and readblend

The goal of this GameKit project is to create a standalone game player, fully under the ZLib/MIT/BSD style license (no (L)GPL).

The bParse and readblend library can directly read and extract any data from .blend files, including graphics meshes, embedded texture images, armatures with skeletal animation, rigid body, soft body and constraint information. readblend is an alternative to writing python export scripts. The Ogre work was formerly known as Echo, by Charlie/snailrose.

Various options for rendering are available, including Ogre, Irrlicht for PC/Linux/Mac and Oolong Engine for iPhone.

Hierarchical Nodal Logic and Scripting Enhancements for Blender 2.5

This project (on hold since early 2010!) is the second phase of the Robotic project funded by the University of Leuven. The goal is to create a Node based GUI for developping interactive applications in the game engine. Coupled to that, an enhanced Python scripting framework will allow easy creation of custom nodes and access to all game engine features.

Logic editing

Several logic improvements.

External Engine Interface

The main goal of this is making a clean API for embedding external Game/Render Engine. Make able to use blender as general game/interactive environment application developer tool with custom or existing open source engines. The usual developing method is making models with a modeler and than build level or environment with custom program. Blender Game Engine still enable for us to join model and environment building, but the game engine has limited features and blender's main mission is to be a modeler not a game engine (I mean the programmer power is concentrating on modeler/renderer feature implementations ). Also there are several open source graphics/game engines, what are often suffers lack of level editor tools. This project wants to enable engine developers to use blender as a general real-time editor.

Finished Projects

New constraints-based IK solver for armature animation

Project by ben2610 in collaboration with the University of Leuven to integrate new Inverse Kinematics algorithms in Blender and the BGE. The algorithms are developped in the Department of Mechanical Engineering of the University of Leuven. Blender has been selected as the best platform for spreading the knowledge acquired in the Departement. Primarly designed for robots, the algorithms should fit well in Blender, providing a more consistent handling of constraints and producing faster and more natural animation.

Python API Clean Up

ben2610, cyborg_ar, Ideasman42 and Moguri are working on cleaning up the BGE Python API

Fisheye (Dome) Camera

! done ! dfelinto is working on implementing a fisheye camera solution for Planetariums and Dome projects.

Bullet Soft Body

The Blender 2.48 game engine will feature Bullet soft body simulation, for cloth and volumetric soft bodies. Soft bodies collide and interact with dynamic objects such as rigid bodies. Constraints are also possible. More...

2D Filters

Several 2D post processing effects for BGE.

Video Texture

Project by ben2610 to get video textures in BGE, also with viewport to texture and render to texture.

Defunct / Previous Projects

BlendX, blender game engine rewrite/plugin

The goal is to rewrite the current BGE by replicating most of it's current features and adding more features found in todays up to date 3d engines. Such features are, full screen post processing, true bone animation, advanced dynamics system (physics/collision/particles, including real rag dolls) and real-time shadows. Also the current logics system will be replaced with a similar, but more organized and advanced logics system.

Web Plugin

The goal is to rewrite the Blender Web Plugin, supporting most web browsers in the market.


A Blender python plugin that allows you to export, import and run content for the CrystalSpace 3d engine, edit game properties for CEL, and create full scripting games using cel python or xml.


OGRE/bullet integration for blender game engine. This work has been revived and included in the GameKit project.

Road Map

todo: describe new graphics features like support for blender materials, OpenGL GLSL shaders, Bullet rigidbody dynamics, future Vehicle support, character control, Sound, networking etc.


WIki Intro to the Game Engine

Original game engine design documents from 2000

Ketsji Game Engine Framework

Ketsji Index