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Blender 2.68a Release Notes

Download page

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Bug fix update

14 bugs fixed since 2.68 release: (Changes from revision 58374 up to 58534)

  • Fix T36218: Crash deleting a sequence strip r58374
  • Fix T36216: Viewport render with CMJ sampler and unlimited passes freezes r58406
  • Fix T33016: BGE, Blender crashes on Game Engine start r58422
  • Fix T35195: BGE, Shadow Only lamps only work with Specular enabled r58427
  • Fix T36227: removing vertex colors crashes r58436
  • Fix T36223: BGE, fix crash with Game actuator r58440
  • Fix BGE, incorrect exception for SCA_JoystickSensor.axisSingle access r58441
  • Fix T36234: Dynamic Topology undo crash r58463
  • Fix T36224: Cloth Simulation Doesn't Work on Rearranging Modifiers r58504
  • Fix T36240: Painting Undo Enable Face paint Crash r58509
  • Fix T36248: Crash using factor input on color mix node r58512
  • Fix T36247: Ocean Modifier (Geometry in Displace) - Subdivision Surface crash r58513
  • Fix Ocean Modifier crash when size is zero r58514
  • Fix T34398: BGE, illegal operator in Expression Controller r58516
  • Fix T36253: OpenGL viewport rendering to a new window fails r58520