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Add Ons Release Notes - 2.56a

Since previous Blender 2.5 Beta releases a number of new scripts have been added.

For more information:

3d View scripts:

Scripts 3D interaction math vis.png

These scripts add elements or menus to the 3d View workspace:

100%.png Mathutils Visualization
(Wiki page to be written)

This script displays the console defined mathutils variables in the 3D view

Object Scripts

Scripts Object animated render baker.png

These scripts create or edit object bases to create improved or altered objects:

75%.png Animation Render Baker

Executes a bake for each frame of a defined frame range and saves the result in a frame specific name.

Animation Scripts


These scripts alter animate-able objects or animate alterable objects:

75%.png RotoBezier

This script allows you to animate bezier curves.

75%.png Corrective Shape Key

This script transfer the shape from an object (base mesh without modifiers) to another object with modifiers (i.e. posed Armature) as a new shape key.

Import/Export Scripts

Addons make human import.jpg

These scripts add extra formats to Blender's import/export toolkit.

Extensions:2.5/Py/Scripts/Import-Export/DXF Importer

75%.png Autodesk DXF Import (*.dxf)

75%.png Autodesk FBX suitable for XNA 4 (*.FBX)

75%.png Import GIMP image (*.xcf)

75%.png 3D Coat Applink

75%.png Export Pointcache (*.pc2)

75%.png Import Blizzard M3 (*.m3)

75%.png HiRISE_DTM_from_PDS_IMG (*.IMG with PDS header)

Render Scripts


These scripts let you render with external render engines:

100%.png POV-Ray

Basic povray integration for Blender.

System Scripts

Scripts System Display Icons.png

These scripts allow you to interact with the Blender system:

100%.png Display all Icons

This script displays all Icons in Blender and their names.

100%.png *.blend information
(Wiki page to be written)

This script gives an easy to read description of all contents of the current *.blend file.

100%.png Object Property Chart

Helps you to edit the properties of various objects and groups of the same object.