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2.7x release cycle

Blender 2.77 "BCon" schedule:

  • BCon1: September 22 (define targets, branches reviewed & ready)
  • BCon2: December (start add branches to git, targets are defined)
  • BCon3: January 27 (testing and fixing period)
  • BCon4: February 9 (provide test build, fixing only)
  • BCon5: February 15 (git frozen, RC a few days after)

More about the development process

2.77 targets

See: Blender: Next where release critical tasks are listed.

Release Notes for features already added.

Later targets

Known todos

Issues for (new) developers to work on are collected in wiki. It's known todo items, features or fixes that already have been approved to be worked on:

The 2.8 Workflow Project

We plan a more massive update for the Blender 2.8 release. This is considered being the workflow project, since we aim to improve the user experience as it relates to workflow and pipeline.

Other projects

(list is work in progress, october 2015)

Official Blender branches:

  • Gooseberry branch - used for Cosmos Laundromat, with improved hair simulation and alembic support.
  • Asset managing and browsing:
    • id-remap - cleanup & enhancements of libraries and datablock handling (freeing, reloading, missing-lib-resistant, etc.).
    • asset-engine - AE API & test add-on (Amber engine) to add asset management to Blender (brwosing, supporting variants & revisions, etc.).
    • See also those blog post and technical design task about the project.
  • Etc etc

Official Pipeline and scripting projects:

  • BAM (Blender Asset Manager)
    Python script that extracts all .blend dependencies and puts it in a zip with new paths.
  • Attract
  • Flamenco
  • Etc etc.

Summer of Code

More info about Google Summer of Code projects. (We are not in the 2015 edition)

Other Projects