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Contact Developers

New or aspiring developers can find more detailed information on the new developer info page.

Mailing Lists

The main development discussion mailing list is:

If none of the lists below seem to fit your question, this is the one you want to mail. You can find information on how to subscribe and browse the archives through the list info page.

Special interest mailing lists are:

  • bf-python: Python API and Addon questions
  • bf-animsys: Animation system and character animator tools
  • bf-cycles: Cycles render engine
  • bf-vfx: Visual effects development, motion tracking
  • bf-blender-npr: Blender (Internal) render features for Non Photorealistic Rendering.
  • bf-compositor: Work on Blender's Compositor.
  • bf-translations-dev: Blender UI translations
  • robotics: Robotics, special interest group
  • bf-gamedev: Blender game developers & discussions (generic game tools and Blender game engine)
  • bf-interface: Blender UI team, only for review of current active projects.

For reading only:


The developers are active on the #blendercoders channel on the IRC network.

Weekly Meetings

The Blender developer community has meetings every Sunday in the #blendercoders channel starting at 16h Central European time (in winter and summer).

Meeting reports are sent to bf-committers. Most of the time the agenda is decided at the start of the meeting, so if you have something that needs to be discussed, be there in time.


Our bug trackers and development site are hosted at

  • Bug Reports can be filed there, for Blender, Addons or the Game Engine.
  • Patches that add or improve code can be submitted for review. It helps to notify the developers on both the mailing list and in the IRC channel #blendercoders on

While we try to address all the issues reported to us, there are cases that prove to be very hard to fix for various reasons. When after a while a bug is still deemed hard to fix, it is often marked as a To Do task and closed, and moved to the list of To Do items on the wiki. This makes it easier to search for these bugs later.

Requesting Features

Blender has really magnitudes of more users than people who are involved with making it. That makes handling feature requests - or even tracking them sanely - nearly impossible.

Instead we try to organize ourselves in ways that development and users can cooperate closely. For each module in Blender, there's a small and competent team working on it - including users helping out. You can find this information listed above. Feel welcome to use our channels and get involved with making Blender better.

As alternatives we like to mention:

  • Make sure your proposal is documented and published in public. Post this on the appropriate public lists, or on public forums (such as It doesn't really matter where, a lot of users out there probably can tell you whether it's already there, already planned, a great new idea, or simply not possible.
  • Mail bf-funboard for proposing and discussing functionality.
  • There are also companies and freelancers you can hire via Blender Network.
  • Don't forget the Blender: known issues/todo list - which ofers a wealth of (approved) ideas and open issues.
  • Or use the Feature Requests area in the wiki

Module Owners

See the Module Owner list for who to contact when you have questions or patches for a specific area within the Blender code base.